Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh man.

hi..... this is awkward. but i won't see my computer for a long time cuz the warranty was almost up and it needs some fixin so i turned it in. *tear. I seriously want to paint in photoshop SOOO BAD, but i can't... Anyways, my friend Dominik is having an art show the friday of next week. And i'm putting a few pieces in it. Anyone thats down here should come, it'll be really fun. I've never really learned how to paint i just kinda try the best i can.. i want to take a painting class very badly. so badly. by the way, i loved harry potter 6 (midnight showing, oh yeah) and i've been listening to quantic recently and they are super good check em out. and last of all, i'm leaving on my mission not next wednesday, but the wednesday after (so stoked)

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Martha said...

I need a better picture of you trombone playin' Mexican wrestler. NOW!